Future astronomy!

This is so exciting, I had to share.  The future! Maybe this is related to the Chronofalls? Have scientists in the future figured out a way to use neutrinos to send these objects back in time? Or are they a side effect of some other process?  The mind boggles.


Not so alone as we thought

The implications of this are just surreal.  There could be Earth-like planets out there, and a great number of them to boot!


For a science fiction fan like myself, there’s so many tantalizing questions–are they empty and ready for colonization, like in Asimov’s Foundation universe? Or are they populated with a large variety of intelligent species, worlds imagined in the Star Trek and Star Wars universes, among others.

The Post seems to be behind the news a bit, though. Bad Astronomer writes with the same kind of giddy excitement I’m feeling, but from 2011!


Between this and the hunt for chronofacts, I’m pretty sure I can hear my synapses sizzling.


Posting this here as a reminder to myself to get enough sleep! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting up to speed on chronofacts, climate change, and wrapping my brain around the idea of voicemails from the future.  My new best buddy pKnot has sworn me to secrecy on some of the more salient details, but the science is there, and I can’t not believe that these are glimpses of possible futures. More to come!  I am still working my way through the data, and I will have lots to share with you in posts to come.  In the meantime, you can go over to futurecoast.org and check it all out for yourself.

But not out of the woods

The helium crisis seems to be mitigated for the time being, but while I was reading up on the story, I came across a lot of other stories about scarce resources and the genuine fears that we may run out of critical elements in a surprisingly short time. What will we do without these elements? Technology depends on them. And we thought a world without oil would be tough!