Is it really over?

As Lulu would say, “Sad face.”

pKnot says that the hole is shut and nothing is coming through any more.  The Chronofall is over.

There’s a few final voicemails I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet, like there was a last minute rush to get them all out of the pipe before they got pinched off. And there we have it, Chronofall 2014.  We don’t know if there will be another one. Part of me is relieved, feeling like my attention has been so torn lately, trying to keep track of what’s been happening with the chronofacts, and the other Coasters, and still trying to be a mom and a wife and keep my family running smoothly.  But mostly, I’m sad that there won’t be any more.  We need that info, we need to know what the possibilities are so we can address them, today, now, when it matters.

It’s clear from the timelines that not everything we’ve heard will come to pass.  The future is malleable, transient, still unknown.  We know what the risks are, though, and we can do something about it.  Because if we do nothing, we deserve what we get.

Sad face.



“Displacement” as a theme has been cropping up more and more. We have heard about how rising waters are displacing some people, while a lack of water has others scrambling.

Currently, California is facing its largest, perhaps most devastating drought in years, turning once green fertile farm lands into vast brown arid patches.


This particularly hurts farmers, which in turn hurts workers and affects food supplies and prices.  Be prepared to pay more for your produce this year.

In the future, we could be faced with even more terrain changes. This report from a place called “Burnt Creek” talks about jojoba, mesquite bosques and desertification.

Burnt Creek 2041

I’m not certain this is the same place mentioned in the voicemail, but there is a Burnt Creek in North Dakota that is currently a lush area near the Missouri River that’s prone to flooding.

How do we get from today’s Burnt Creek to the Burnt Creek of 2041? Is there any way to prevent it?


I think pKnot has shut off his phone. Either that or he can’t hear it in his bunker somewhere beneath–just kidding, he’s probably holed up in a yurt in Albania, for all I know.

I think all the Coasters are going a bit nuts this week, waiting for the Chronofall to start and hoping beyond hope that people out there will find the Chronofacts, send us a picture and we can decode them into new voicemails.

Be on the lookout! We need you!


I look at this and think, well this future indeed sucks…


…but maybe some other futures will be better.

Billy Dan lives in Texas and runs our Facebook page. He’s kind of quiet at first, but once you get to know him he’s downright chatty!  😉

Seriously though, I’ve been talking to Billy Dan recently about the water crisis in his state. We’ve heard the voicemails that talk about water shortages in the future, and we know it’s only going to get worse. This is just one of those messages, and that date is a bit concerning. That’s only six years from now!

2020 Unknown

Brownouts and power shortages are already happening globally, and there’s actually some danger in Billy Dan’s state as well. He’s a good man to stay in touch with, as we explore these messages from possible futures, and wait for the next Chronofall in just a few weeks!

Sam is a 20-something student who lives in Minnesota, I think. (Right, Sam?) You can find her online at  tumblr and YouTube, mostly. Sam is lucky to have three of her very own chronofacts:


One of Sam’s chronofacts was decoded to the following message from Oklahoma:

2064 Oklahoma

The fear and worry in the man’s voice is unmistakable. Here’s a possible future where tornadoes are so frequent and devastating that people are forced to live permanently in some kind of shelter where they can’t even see what’s going on outside. While current science is still trying to figure out the relationship between climate change and violent weather events like tornadoes, there is no denying the effect on weather in general.

Life in a permanent storm cellar brings to my mind the Cold War panic, when people built bomb shelters in their backyards and prepared for what many assumed was an inevitable nuclear apocalypse.

We survived the Cold War, and I feel hopeful that we’ll survive Climate Change as well.

Charlie the Poodle

This is our dog, Charlie.  He’s a nine-year old standard poodle, but he’s no fluffy fashion hound.  He chases the cat, and runs through the woods, and plays fetch, and eats raw bones just like any other canine.  He once got in a fight with an Irish Wolfhound and pinned him to the ground (fear not–no blood was spilled; it was all just posturing and dominance). Poodles come in three sizes, standard, miniature and toy, as do some other breeds like the Schnauzer. Apparently, in the future, pandas do too:

2059 Unknown

There are two things that fascinate me about this message. First, that in the future it is apparently ok to keep pandas as pets, but more eyebrow-raising is the idea that there are designer pet pandas.  Modifying companion animals via selective breeding is nothing new, but I wonder what leads us down this particular path. Currently pandas are endangered, protected and rare. What happens to get us to the point where “everyone at school” could have one? Could this be one of the unintended consequences of cloning, or some other future science to replicate these creatures? The designer mutt, the “labradoodle,” was created for a noble reason, but the rush to exploit this designer dog craze led to regrets.

There is no denying that even today, we are facing an extinction crisis. Climate change is going to effect every life, not just the humans. Somehow I doubt there will be designer pet frogs in the future, though.