Is it really over?

As Lulu would say, “Sad face.”

pKnot says that the hole is shut and nothing is coming through any more.  The Chronofall is over.

There’s a few final voicemails I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet, like there was a last minute rush to get them all out of the pipe before they got pinched off. And there we have it, Chronofall 2014.  We don’t know if there will be another one. Part of me is relieved, feeling like my attention has been so torn lately, trying to keep track of what’s been happening with the chronofacts, and the other Coasters, and still trying to be a mom and a wife and keep my family running smoothly.  But mostly, I’m sad that there won’t be any more.  We need that info, we need to know what the possibilities are so we can address them, today, now, when it matters.

It’s clear from the timelines that not everything we’ve heard will come to pass.  The future is malleable, transient, still unknown.  We know what the risks are, though, and we can do something about it.  Because if we do nothing, we deserve what we get.

Sad face.



Once a mom…

You might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet, and I apologize for not being a better correspondent.  Truth is, I thought I would have loads of extra time once the girls went to college, but it seems they need me now as much as they did when they were home. Lulu has been struggling with school, and finally made the decision to take a leave of absence and move back home. She’s got a part time job and she’s thinking about what’s next. Betsy, ever connected to her twin, has also gone through her own change of sorts and is switching her major to “something that will help animals.” Handling the Chronofact that her friend Pierre found has had a profound effect on her.  She’s been glued to the FutureCoast Twitter, following the reports, listening to the voicemails, and even spent some time looking for the lost Boston Chronofact.  She sends me links she finds on climate change and has joined several campus activist groups.  “It’s our future,” she reminds me often, “if we don’t do something, we’ll lose it all.” Now, I know I’m biased, being her mother and all, but it is deeply moving to see how committed she is to all this.  What started as a crazy obsession of her mom’s has turned into a calling for her, and she has never been more animated, more active, more ALIVE. She’s recruited Pierre to her cause as well, and seeing the two of them in action makes me feel like we’ve got a shot at changing things.  Some people might listen to those voicemails and feel defeated, like the problem is too large and too unwieldy for us to do anything about.  Not my Bets–she’s taking it as a call to action, a chance to educate herself and others and to think about and do things that could help turn the tide.  She asked me to pass this message on to you. Please understand what a big deal this is for her–she’s never been interested in performing or talking in front of any kind of audience, real or virtual, and even to do this quick video, she insisted that Pierre be there next to her for moral support. I am humbled by her passion.

Alex lives in…Illinois? Indiana?  I always get those fly-over states mixed up.  😉 She keeps the FutureCoast tumblr running, and manages to raise 2 children and a run an antique store business in her “spare” time. Working moms FTW!

Alex and I talk on the phone more than we communicate online. We’ve become pretty close these last two months due to those calls, and our discussions cover more than just the latest cryptic comment from pKnot or Alex’s seemingly supernatural ability to tweak the chronofact decoder.  We talk about our kids, our career paths (and lack thereof), and our hopes for the future. We’ve even exchanged a few recipes! Without the twins around, I find myself tinkering in the kitchen a bit more, trying things I’ve never really had the time to play with before, like baking bread. I’m just happy I can use a real oven, and not have to resort to some modified cooking surface:

2024 The Lobby

Although, if I had to I could probably make do too.

Sitting here with the girls and Paul, happy to have my family all together again and hoping everyone out there is enjoying their day too, whatever you’re doing.

We all remember Super Storm Sandy. Now imagine a whole season of Sandys. What a relief it must be when the power comes back on, and you can once again reach out to family far away and let them know you’re ok. 

2033 New York

Charlie the Poodle

This is our dog, Charlie.  He’s a nine-year old standard poodle, but he’s no fluffy fashion hound.  He chases the cat, and runs through the woods, and plays fetch, and eats raw bones just like any other canine.  He once got in a fight with an Irish Wolfhound and pinned him to the ground (fear not–no blood was spilled; it was all just posturing and dominance). Poodles come in three sizes, standard, miniature and toy, as do some other breeds like the Schnauzer. Apparently, in the future, pandas do too:

2059 Unknown

There are two things that fascinate me about this message. First, that in the future it is apparently ok to keep pandas as pets, but more eyebrow-raising is the idea that there are designer pet pandas.  Modifying companion animals via selective breeding is nothing new, but I wonder what leads us down this particular path. Currently pandas are endangered, protected and rare. What happens to get us to the point where “everyone at school” could have one? Could this be one of the unintended consequences of cloning, or some other future science to replicate these creatures? The designer mutt, the “labradoodle,” was created for a noble reason, but the rush to exploit this designer dog craze led to regrets.

There is no denying that even today, we are facing an extinction crisis. Climate change is going to effect every life, not just the humans. Somehow I doubt there will be designer pet frogs in the future, though.