“Displacement” as a theme has been cropping up more and more. We have heard about how rising waters are displacing some people, while a lack of water has others scrambling.

Currently, California is facing its largest, perhaps most devastating drought in years, turning once green fertile farm lands into vast brown arid patches.


This particularly hurts farmers, which in turn hurts workers and affects food supplies and prices.  Be prepared to pay more for your produce this year.

In the future, we could be faced with even more terrain changes. This report from a place called “Burnt Creek” talks about jojoba, mesquite bosques and desertification.

Burnt Creek 2041

I’m not certain this is the same place mentioned in the voicemail, but there is a Burnt Creek in North Dakota that is currently a lush area near the Missouri River that’s prone to flooding.

How do we get from today’s Burnt Creek to the Burnt Creek of 2041? Is there any way to prevent it?


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Seeing Glacial Time

Camille Seaman’s “Breaching Iceberg — Greenland, August 8, 2008.”

Camille Seaman’s “Breaching Iceberg — Greenland, August 8, 2008.”

One of the challenges we’ve faced here at FutureCoast is getting the word out.  How do we make more people aware of the Chronofall, get them up to date and informed about climate change, keep them listening in and participating in the conversation?

Maybe art has some answers. This exhibit at Tufts “examines how eight contemporary artists employ the ‘real time’ of photography to visualize the largely imperceptible, gradual changes in ‘glacial time’ from the bellwether Arctic region.” The photographs are stark and beautiful, and bring us subtly closer to understanding.  After this Chronofall is  over, I hope to get to Tufts to see it myself.


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I think all the Coasters are going a bit nuts this week, waiting for the Chronofall to start and hoping beyond hope that people out there will find the Chronofacts, send us a picture and we can decode them into new voicemails.

Be on the lookout! We need you!


Extreme Cold Does Not Mean Climate Change Isn’t Happening!

The next person who tells me this arctic freeze is proof that the globe is not getting hotter is likely to get a snow shovel slammed over his head.

For one, climate and weather are different things. For another, there is actually some pretty good evidence that climate change is actually triggering colder, more extreme weather, not disproving itself.

I think Randall Monroe sums it up the best, however.

ETA: Alaska is warmer than New England today.