The software system of the future has sprung a space-time leak. But since it’s only in their voicemail storage, it takes them decades to get around to fixing it. Meanwhile, we get to listen to the messages that people leave for each other in the years 2020 to 2065 – by turns banal, mysterious, and terrifying.

The voicemails first appear as futuristic-looking objects we call chronofacts. We Coasters lead the effort to get the chronofacts found and decoded… and then everyone tries to figure out what they tell us about the future. You can follow along here on my blog or at our main hub, www.futurecoast.org.



Welcome to FutureCoast, a playful yet serious collaborative storytelling project about possibly climate changed futures. At FutureCoast.org, people listen to voicemails and speculate about the futures they must come from. At FutureVoices.net, people take on the creative challenge of recording voicemails that truly seem to have leaked from our futures.

There’s more, including a nationwide “chronofact recovery effort” (geocaching). Fun! FutureCoast is a creation of the team at Writerguy in collaboration with Columbia University. For credits, terms of service, privacy info and the other fine print, go here.

We invite you to listen to your futures…


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