The nest is empty but the heart is full.

Said goodbye to Betsy today, which was somewhat harder than Lulu’s goodbye last week. She may only be an hour away, but she’s always been the quieter, more independent one.  Saying goodbye felt more of a landmark with her.  True to form, Lulu has already texted and called me, Paul, and her sister with bits of excited, gossipy news about the dorm, the classes, the BOYS. Still wish she’d gone to Wellesley but oh well. “Mom!” I can hear her protests already.  Too much sharing. Whereas I’ll feel lucky if I get a text from Bets before winter break!

Anyways, life goes on for the Atherton-Hayes. I’m starting this new blog to help keep me occupied, still continuing my interest in science, but in more general ways than high school curriculum. What topics interest you? Where’s the buzz in scientific circles these days?